TROY BLACK is a leader in selling art at auction.  Troy studied under the great Peter Stremmell.  Troy and his crew bring to the art auction world high energy and excitement.  This is one of Troy’s true passions and expertise’s.  Black and his crew have conducted art auctions all over the United States.  Whether it’s a miniature show, one piece, or an entire collection, Troy knows how and where to market your art and achieve top dollar for your artwork. Troy and his crew are the premier art auction team in the Western United States. 

We sell many benefit art auctions for museums, cataloged art auctions, as well as quick draws and miniature shows.  Because art is so specialized it takes a special auctioneer and team to sell art at auction.  One must know the differences between mediums, genres, styles, and textures from the many artists.  The auctioneer must know who’s hot and who’s not in the market.  Your auctioneer must be immersed in the art community and have those special relationships in place with people, both buyers and sellers, throughout the country and world.  Troy has all of these qualities and attributes.  This is what sets Troy apart from all other auctioneers in the country.  Let us show you how we can take care of your art auction needs.